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Specialising in Heritage, History and Archaeology.

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Middleton House Productions offer a wide range of services across all delivery platforms for both traditional and new media. These services can be used in combination to provide the best presentation format for a particular audience.

Web and Interactive Multimedia

From database driven web-sites using PHP and SQL to HTML5 and Flash, mobile apps to kiosk installations, Middleton House can create a custom interactive experience to inform, educate and entertain. New media offers rich learning environments and unrivalled accessibility both on and off site.
Our website design services offer a range of options to suit your own requirements from a simple presence on the web to a large scale site with a high degree of interactivity and online video content. Your site could include your own members area or integrate with Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Include an online store or paid for content, the options are limitless. We can also offer hosting packages to suit.
Need to update your website content on a continual basis? We offer maintainance contracts and sites with content management systems, which allow your staff to update web content using plain text and upload your own images, send our newsletters and highlight your events.
For museums, galleries and visitor attractions, we offer an integrated package of online and physical installations to enhance the visitor experience.

  • Documentary and events photography & videography
  • Middleton House can document your events in still and moving images, providing high quality footage edited as narrative films, promotional videos or sound bites, suitable for broadcast, online or DVD distribution. Still images can be provided as digital or prints, a comprehensive record of your event. Our clients include schools and groups running events funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Big Lottery.
    From a single day event to onsite archaeology to an ongoing restoration project, oral history or recording the current state of historic sites, our crew work unobrusivley with minimum disruption to your staff, volunteers and visitors.

    The Ugly Bug Ball - Discover Middlesbrough.

    Recording excavation of British front line trenches in Flanders.

    Broadcast Quality Video Production

    For targeted audiences, video produced to broadcast standards can provide a unique insight into a specific topic. Tailored to suit individual clients the content can range from representation of individual artefacts to a full re-enactment of historic events. By combining contemporary and archive footage with computer generated graphics and digitisations of your collection, video production offers unrivalled access and educational value. The film could be presented online, shown on screens with in a museum or heritage centre, or sold in your shop and online store. Copies on DVD are replicated in our in-house facilities, we can provide as many or as few copies as required. We can also install projection & sound systems, kiosks or touch screens to present the film to your visitors.

    Trailer for the Plugstreet Archaeological Project.

    Re-enactment of the Andrew Mynarski Story.

    Digitisation for preservation and presentation.

    Access is the key to education, but not all collections are suitable for display and not all audiences can visit your exhibition in person. Digitisation offers alternate form of access whilst protecting the original artefacts. Whether intended for remote display via online or new media options, as a research or catalogue tool, digitisation can increase access without exposure to the risks associated with displaying original items.
    We are the only company in the North East of England to have been accredited with all three Certified Supplier Certificates from the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (now part of Arts Council England). We are accredited in; care & handling of delicate objects, digitisation of 2D & 3D objects and accessibility of digital media. You can be assured that our staff are trained to the highest standards and carry the correct insurance. We can provide a range of digitisation options either onsite or at our premises.

    Digital Image manipulation and restoration

    As well as providing services for the digitisation of photographic collections, damaged photographs can be digitally restored. Images can also be manipulated for specific purposes, for example, the landscape banner image at the top of this page was created by combining three photographs of the Cleveland Hills, the English Channel and the banks of the River Ure at Ripon.

    Heritage interpretation and presentation

    Today's technology offers an ever widening range of options for presenting information, our trained staff can assist you in meeting technical and interpretative challenges to provide a suitable experience for your audience.

    Proposed layout for exhibition of Viking Stones at Preston Hall Museum, with multimedia kiosks and wall boards.

    Smart phone apps for heritage trails

    Recent technological advances offer new methods of communicating with visitors, instantly through their smart phones. The use of Geolocation or QR Codes opens a whole new world to to your visitors in an unobtrusive and personal manner. Augmented Reality can take your visitor back in time to explore the world as it used to be with virtually no impact on the physical environment.

    Educational packs and eLearning

    From downloadable packages, mobile apps and online presentation to interactive CD-Roms and traditional printed media, educational packs for classroom use or site visits are a valuable learning tool. Contact us with your requirements.

    Storyboard - Interior of a 1940's home

    Key Stage 2, E-Learning "Experience World War Two"

    Computer generated 3D visualisations

    Visualisations have a wide range of applications, as well as recreating the past they can allow a glimpse into the future. Ideal for explaining architectural construction or the workings industrial machinery; a visualisation can offer an in-depth explanation to your audience.

    Visualisation of the redesign of a part for an oleo leg on a Spitfire replica.

    Virtual Reality Model of Middlesbrough in 1942 - during the construction of the model.

    Script writing services

    Scripts are required for a wide range of presentations from living history and story telling to audio tours and video presentation. Our trained staff working in conjunction with yourselves can provide a bespoke script to enthrall your audience.

    Our staff can assist you in meeting technical and interpretative challenges and all services are available for delivery via a wide range of delivery platforms e.g. Online, mobile, kiosk, print, DVD, CD-Rom, solid state media or external hard drive. Our staff are all fully insured giving peace of mind, with respect to your staff, visitors, property and items in your collection.

    Museums Libraries and Archives Supplier Training Scheme, Care & Handling Certification.
    Museums Libraries and Archives Supplier Training Scheme, Digitisation Certification.
    Museums Libraries and Archives Supplier Training Scheme, Website Accessibility Certification.